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I have only just recently (as of December 2012) ended a tradition on my blog that I have had since right when I very first started it up: naming posts after song titles. I got the idea to do this after finding out that the episodes of some TV programmes (Desperate Housewives, for instance) were named after songs. I thought it was a really cool idea, so I used it for my blog post titles. The search for a fitting song title invariably added at least two extra hours to the time it took me to put up a post, but I didn’t really mind. The bigger downside was that I couldn’t (still can’t, actually) hear someone say a word or phrase that also happens to be the name of a song without saying (or at least thinking) “That’s a song title”.

Like I said before, I’ve stopped forcing myself to use song titles for post names as I found it was restricting what I put up too much – I would literally not put up a post on a topic if I couldn’t come up with a good song title for it – although I will do it again if I happen to find a really good name that fits. For now, I have included a list of all the posts named after song titles below. Enjoy!

For your entertainment (that’s a song title), here is a list of all the songs I have used for lyrically-titled blog posts so far, in order from least to most recent:

Hello! – Lionel Richie. As mentioned in the post itself, the original song did not have an exclamation point. See artistic licence.

Moonlight Densetsu: Parts 1 and 2 – I’m not sure who sings this, but it’s the theme song from the Sailor Moon anime series. The song is just called “Moonlight Densetsu”; only the posts had parts.

Words of Love – Buddy Holly, covered by the Beatles.

Parallel Worlds – Elliot Minor

We Can Work It Out – The Beatles

White Horse – Taylor Swift

Getting Better – The Beatles

There’s A Place – The Beatles

Do You Believe in Magic – The Lovin’ Spoonful. The question mark was removed from the post name because I thought it looked better without it. Flawless logic, I know.

Some Kind of Monster – Metallica

All Together Now – The Beatles

Happy New Year! – ABBA. As with Hello, this song didn’t have an exclamation point originally.

Insect Nation – Bill Bailey

Screenager – Muse

Mr Not-So-Bad Guy – This one is actually a mash-up of two songs: Mr Bad Guy by Freddie Mercury and Not So Bad by Good Riddance.

That Green Gentleman – Panic! At The Disco

Star Trekkin’ – The Firm

Song of Evil – Saxon

Wrapped Up in Books – Belle and Sebastian

You Can’t Judge a Book By Its Cover – Bo Diddley

I Could Write a Book – Miles Davis

Making Plans – Dolly Parton

Inspired Insanity: The Very Inspiring Blogger Award – from Inspired Insanity by Phoebe Snow

The Night Before – The Beatles

The Twelve Days of Christmas (Movies) – from the traditional Christmas song, The Twelve Days of Christmas

The links lead to the blog posts of the same name(s).

Disclaimer: I should probably mention that I don’t take credit for anyone listening to these songs and finding out they’re horrible, much too catchy, filled with lyrics about cupcakes that make you hungry, etc. I don’t like all of these songs, nor do I think all of them are good. Some, like the Beatles songs (the sheer amount of them is an indicator), I actually do like, and I won’t choose songs I really despise (I decided against naming a post after a Marilyn Manson song after I read the lyrics), but for the most part they just made good post titles.

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