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Good Things Come in Small Packages: Animated Shorts

I absolutely love animated shorts. It’s like someone took all the wonderful things about animation and film-making and condensed it into about a fifth of the length of a full movie. Along with trailers, getting to see the animated shorts … Continue reading

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Valentine’s Day List – Top Ten Fictional Romances

Happy (Belated) Valentine’s Day, everyone! I was intending to do this special Valentine’s Day post yesterday, but I was busy. And before you go thinking I was out on a date with a special someone (or whatever couples do on … Continue reading

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Happy New Year!

Happy New Year, everybody! (I sound like Doctor Nick from the Simpsons. Oh well.) Welcome to 2012! This is a very special new year post. I confess that this might seem a little late to some people, however, I have … Continue reading

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All Together Now

A couple of weeks ago, my teacher asked her students to complete a special project: we had to choose 5 musicians to put together as our very own “ultimate band”. I don’t know whether that sounds easy or hard to … Continue reading

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Some Kind of Monster

The ocean can be a scary place. Let’s face it – it’s a massive, uncontrollable and occasionally destructive force of nature that rules 70% of the planet. In addition to that, there’s also that nagging fear of the unknown that … Continue reading

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Words of Love

Please forgive me for such a long delay in putting up something new on the blog (I know how much you all love it ;-)), but in return, here is an extra long post (with pictures)! Some people say that … Continue reading

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