First Impressions of Thor: The Dark World Trailer

I first saw the Thor: The Dark World trailer a few days ago, and I’m not sure if it has made me more or less excited about the film. To be honest, I’ve been so excited about it that it’s going to be pretty hard bringing my enthusiasm down to apathy, but still. Despite the fact that Iron Man 3 is coming out first in Marvel’s cinematic phase two, the next Thor movie is the one I’m most excited about, probably for three reasons: 1) I wasn’t that impressed with Iron Man 2, whereas it should be interesting to see what direction they take the first Thor sequel in; 2) I imagine the Thor film will tie in more to Avengers Assemble, if for no other reason than the fact that the Big Bad from the latter film is in it; and 3) Christopher Eccleston is going to be playing Malekith. Did you get that? The Ninth Doctor is going to be playing the bad guy in Thor: The Dark World! He’s not featured in the trailer, though. Speaking of which, I probably should get on with speaking about what is featured in it.

Two of the things that I am looking forward to in the new Thor film are changes to the CGI and camera angles. I had heard before that the CGI and overall look of the film are going to be toned down compared to the original. The trailer seems to go along with this, with an overall darker look and less flamboyancy. Even Asgard, which struck me as a little too garish in Thor, looks dimmed. I will be highly impressed if they pull off a toning-down of Asgard in The Dark World, as they won’t be able to completely revamp it. What I’ve seen so far looks really good in that respect, though. With regards to camera angles, I’m just going to come out and say the camera angles – specifically the tilted ones – drove me mad in Thor. It might not have bothered you before, but I challenge you to go back and watch it whilst looking out for the camera angles. If your neck isn’t aching from tilting your own head by the end of the film, I applaud your self-control. In this second film, though, there hardly seems to be any tilting, not even in scenes like Thor standing up in battle. This, my friends, strikes me as a very good thing.

I’m really hoping that this new film will get into some more detail in terms of characterisation. There was some development with Thor’s character and Freudian problems with Loki in Thor, but I’d still be keen to see the next film going a bit more in-depth with this. Even exploring the limits of Asgard’s “gods” would be an interesting route to go down. This might sound strange, but after seeing Loki’s overgrown hair in the trailer, my first thought was that we might get to hear some more about just how human the gods really are. Because if you can’t control your hair growth, you obviously aren’t that all-powerful, are you? Additionally, Natalie Portman’s character (she is so unmemorable that I literally cannot remember her name at the moment) could use some more personality, especially as she seems very much the damsel-in-distress in this film.

Speaking of Natalie Portman’s character (I will post her name when it comes back to me), I seriously do hope they give her a slightly more original role than “captured love interest”. Either that, or they could kill her off. Just kidding! I’m not one for sacrificing characters gratuitously (I still believe [censored name for spoilers] from The Avengers is alive), but at least it would be unique. Ah, but then Thor might become all broody, and nobody likes a woe-is-me superhero. Well, I’m not sure how to tackle it. Hopefully the filmmakers do know what they’re doing, however.

On the good news front with female characters, the roles of Darcy and Sif are looking promising. I thought Darcy was quite funny in the first film, and it looks as though she appears at least once to yell “[Natalie Portman’s character]!” (still can’t remember it). Fingers crossed she appears more than that, hopefully with some good lines. Sif definitely looks to have a more important role, what with the trailer’s battle close-ups and facial expressions. She didn’t appear much in the first film, but she came across as a cool and well-acted character nonetheless. Given the drawn-out looks she gave Thor previously, I imagine the writers might be exploring some sort of unrequited love there. After all, Sif was Thor’s wife in mythology. Again, I’m okay with that as long as the filmmakers try to put something of a new spin on it.

As for the actual plot of the film: I have no idea what’s happening. All I know is that Malekith the Accursed is going to be involved somehow and there’s something to do with darkness happening. If memory serves correctly, before the world of Norse mythology there was nothing, but out of that nothingness came a mighty cow. I’m not even joking. Oh, I would be so overjoyed if the film featured a god-cow attacking earth. Perhaps revenge for enslaving their kind? There are potential mootives*, believe it or not. Any other ideas? Because that’s the best I have for Thor: The Dark World’s plot.

Lastly, I have to ask: why was Malekith not mentioned in the trailer? I suspect this is to prevent some sort of a spoiler, such as when they didn’t show Sean Bean in Mirror, Mirror**. Regardless, I’m curious to see what accent they give him. Christopher Eccleston is British, but will Marvel go that far and have yet another Evil Brit? I could probably fill an entire post with my disbelief that Loki has ended up with a Queen’s English accent despite being brought up in a literally alien world with an American-accented brother, yet it happened anyway. I sincerely hope that, if Malekith is miraculously British, it is lampshaded. Otherwise this is just going to turn into anti-British propaganda, I swear.

On a whole, I’m looking forward to the film. If nothing else it should be interesting to see where the filmmakers take certain aspects. And Doctor Who is in it, so that’s reason enough to see it in itself.

By the way, I am aware that this post severely digressed from just being about the trailer and more into my expectations for the film as a whole. Well, if you can think of a better name for this post which is more to do with the film and less to do with the trailer, let me know. I will seriously consider changing it. As always, please let me know what you think about Thor 1, Thor 2, the trailers, what I’ve said, or anything else to do with the above in the comments. Even if it’s just to comment on how attractive Loki looks, which is what a lot of people have been doing on YouTube. I shall not judge.

*Couldn’t resist.

** Trust me, I have ruined nothing there. The plot twist is painfully obvious when you watch the film. If you watch it, that is. I suggest you don’t watch it.

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