The 50th Post/10,000 View Dance Party

Hi everyone. I have some awesome news! As of a few days ago (I don’t know exactly when and WordPress won’t tell me), this blog has officially had more than 10,000 views! Hurray! The timing of this actually ties in really well, as this just so happens to be Ocean Owl’s 50th post. As a result, we have two milestones in one blog post. Before I get to the serious, boring acceptance speech, I hope that you’ll join me in celebrating with a virtual dance party! That’s right: a dance party. A bloggy one, that is, with music and dancing presented in the form of a series of totally radical embedded YouTube videos.  It’s a medium that combines some of my favourite things: dance videos, lists, and David Bowie.

Now let’s get this party started!

Okay, so maybe I should have saved the best for last – but I just couldn’t wait. Is this video not the best thing ever? I wish everyone would dance like Bowie and Jagger in this. I think the world’s awesomeness and hilariousness would increase by 100% overnight. Actually, if you feel like learning how to dance like two of the most fantastic men ever to grace a music video, check out this equally funny tutorial video (because you can never have too many links).

For a really long time (read: about 6 months) this was my all-time favourite music video. It is still one of them, even though I’m not particularly keen on the actual music involved. Nevertheless! It is a fun and very cool video, especially if – like me – you are a big fan of people dancing madly in public. And honestly, who isn’t a fan of that?

“Too much David Bowie”, I hear you say? There is no such thing! I love Labyrinth, even if I didn’t get to watch it during my childhood like most people (would you believe it was part of a Cinema as Literature course?), and the film has dodgy moments in every major category. If nothing else, it shows how Bowie is capable of acting completely ridiculous but pulling it off anyway – because goddammit he’s David Bowie. Sidenote: sorry this version includes the bit with Sarah wandering around like an aimless thingamybob, but the only other halfway-decent video I could find had slow-motion repeats. Nobody wants that.

A classic! In terms of dance crazes, you can’t beat The Twist. Not even Gangnam Style can beat The Twist. They’re not even in the same league (no offence to Psy). This video features yet another of my favourite things: movie clips. It even has some of the twist contest from Pulp Fiction, which is the only part of that film I have ever watched and which I would include here in its entirety if I didn’t feel a compilation of clips would do the song more justice.

Lastly, we’re going to finish up with a modern song. I am absolutely addicted to both this song and the video. Did you know that it was directed by Jonah Hill, the actor from 21 Jump Street and Superbad? It was. This video is also kind of in the same vein as dancing in public, except in this random people join in too. I will go ahead and say that just makes it even better. I advise watching this video a second time, this time concentrating solely on the dancers following Sara Bareilles around the shop; it’s worth it.

All right, as promised I will now do a short, speech-y bit. Basically I would just like to say thanks to everyone who has visited my blog since I made it public, even if you just came here to find pictures of bookworms or post spam comments – okay, maybe not if you just came here to spam me. But to everyone other than spammers, thanks. Let’s not forget the followers, either. I find it incredible that some people like my blog enough to follow it, and I genuinely appreciate every single follower that I have. That means all of you. Finally, you commenters are great too. I do read all comments, even the spam ones (although if you spammers would stop spamming, that would be wonderful), and try to reply to as many as possible. Most of the ones I don’t reply to are from members of my family, so I can just tell them “hey, thanks for commenting” face-to-face. Anyway, I do still love getting comments and hearing people’s opinions on what I’ve written about, my writing, unicorns, etc.

I hope you’ve enjoyed attending this little dance party as much as I enjoyed organising it; which is to say, a lot. Fingers crossed the next 50 posts/10,000 views go as well as the first!

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3 Responses to The 50th Post/10,000 View Dance Party

  1. YAY!! Congratulations on 50th post/10000 views :)
    And now…..time to DANCE!
    *starts dancing crazily*

  2. Ruth says:

    Hey, congratulations! That’s brilliant. Here’s to the next 10,000 views. And the next 50 posts of course! Good music choices. I’d be dancing if my eyes weren’t glazing over with tiredness. Maybe in the morning I will manage a mosh in your honour!

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