Moonlight Densetsu: Part 1

Sailor Moon is a great programme, revered in Japan as legendary and credited with redefining the magical-girl genre (I actually have no idea what that is, but it sounds good). There are so many things to love about Sailor Moon, from the great animation to the well-written plot and action sequences, but in my opinion, the best part is definitely the characters.

From left to right: Sailors Mars, Venus, Moon, Jupiter, and Mercury

All the Sailor Moon characters, especially the sailor senshi,  are pretty fantastic, and I really don’t know how Naoko Takeuchi (the creator of the original manga) managed to come up with them all. Most people do have a favourite though, and in honour of all the characters individual fantasticness (it is a word, I Googled it), I am going to write a section about each of them, who they are and why they’re so cool. (Note: this list will include only the first five senshi from the first season. It also uses their Japanese names, which were their original ones. I’ll try my best not to give away any spoilers, but if you really don’t want to know anything that happens, I suggest you look away now)

Sailor Moon

Usagi Tsukino/Sailor Moon is the “Sailor Soldier of Love and Justice” and the show’s eponymous title character. She is described as lazy and a bit of crybaby, but is caring and at the end of the day means well. Usagi is very cute and likeable, and her personality causes some of the funniest parts of the series. In her Sailor Moon form, Usagi wears the usual Japanese schoolgirl-style outfit, along with a brooch that none of the other Sailors get to wear. She almost always wears her hair in two bun-things on top of her head, which Mamoru loves to refer to in calling her “dumpling-head”. Her powers basically consist of Moon Tiara Action, which involves her taking of her tiara and throwing it at the target (oh, and it glows, too). Sometimes Rei will set it on fire, so it then becomes a flaming-glowing-frisbee-tiara, which, as you can imagine, is much more powerful than just a glowing-frisbee-tiara. Usagi doesn’t really have any special abilities outside of being Sailor Moon, but she has on some occasions cried so loudly that villains were forced to cover their ears and post-pone battle until she had finished or Tuxedo Mask had come to save her. Actually, I don’t know if “save” is the right word, as all he really does is appear on a ledge of some kind, supply some words of encouragement, maybe through a rose or two (they are pretty effective against monsters, believe it or not, but I don’t recommend it as a method of self-defence) and then leave. I love Usagi’s character, and she’s probably one of my favourites of the series.

Sailor Mercury

Ami Mizuno/Sailor Mercury was the first Sailor Soldier to be discovered after Sailor Moon, not counting Sailor V. Ami’s most prominent trait is her incredible intelligence, which is proves invaluable to the Sailor Senshi in and out of battle. Behind her intelligence, though, she is sweet, gentle, kind, and loyal, if also sometimes shy. Ami’s signature colour is blue, which is also the colour of her hair and eyes. Takeuchi (do you remember? The creator of Sailor Moon)  said that Ami looks like Noriko Sakai. It’s true – Google it. Her powers, at least in the first season, are not Ami’s strong point. She has one power, like the rest of the senshi, but this is an attack called bubble spray. It sounds okay, right? Not quite, all it does is create a sort of mist that stops any bad guys from seeing where they’re going. Unfortunately, they can often still attack despite this, and realistically none of the senshi would be able to see either (don’t worry, though, they have very good blind aim). Along with the all-mighty bubble spray, Ami carries around a little blue laptop and matching visor, which she can use to detect the weaknesses of enemies and other helpful things. I adore Ami as well as Usagi, and she is also one of my favourites. You can have more than one!

Sailor Mars

Rei Hino/Sailor Mars is the third Sailor to be discovered. Rei is fiery, practical-minded, and boy-crazy. She often argues with Usagi over petty things, gets annoyed at her repeated crying, and doesn’t respect her as the leader of the team. Rei’s boy-craziness means she goes on boy-hunting missions, sometimes dragging poor Ami along with her. Although I’m not a big fan of her personality, her design is definitely my favourite. Takeuchi created her to be very elegant and have a more Asian look than the other senshi – blonde-haired Usagi, for instance. Rei wears high heels in her Sailor form, which is something that none of the others do. I’m not sure why, but it’s interesting to note. Her powers are centered around fire, and her attack is fire soul, during which she clasps her hands together and shoots flame from her fingertips. Outside of battle, Rei is a shinto priestess at the Hikawa shrine with her Grandfather, which is also where she lives. Because of her spirituality, Rei can use little pieces of paper with Japanese writing on them (no idea what they’re called) to expel demons and disable bad guys, by sticking the paper to them and chanting. Even though she’s not my favourite, Rei contributes a lot to the programme, and her powers are some of the best.

Those are the first three Sailor Senshi. I’ll make another post about Sailors Jupiter and Venus tomorrow. If you watch Sailor Moon, I hope you enjoyed this post. If you don’t watch Sailor Moon, then I have one thing to tell you – watch it! You won’t regret it. :-)

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